Scavenger Hunt Sunday — April 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Evening clouds

Sacramento Skies are beautiful all year round.
This one  is  from my stash.

Sun flare

From my pillow I see the sun flare  saying  Wake Up


Seven little heads peek from the storyteller’s sarape.
I bought this in New Mexico I am the storyteller in our family and all the littlies gather round,
I love it.

High Angle

This oak tree looms high and the blackbirds sound like a flock of gossipy women.

Low Angle

Stooping low I saw  rosemary blossoms through the dried grasses bordering the library sidewalk.  (I liked the angles of the grass for a double ‘angle’ picture.)

I joined Ashley and other scavenger hunters here at

Come and see what others have found.

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  1. Great set – love the perspective on sun flare.

    • Thank you, I’m enjoying the challenge.

  2. Love sun flare…such a pretty picture!

    • Thank you, it caught me right in the eyes,

  3. The sun flare one is also my favorite. But I think I’d have to close the blinds so that I could sleep a little longer! 🙂

    • I just roll over. Thanks for commenting.

  4. I too like the sunflare photo, I like the different aspects – the sun flare, the horizontal lines of the blinds and the tree silhouettes.
    Also, can the storyteller be part of my inheritance?
    Love you – Mary

    • I didn’t know what a sun flare was until I looked at other pictures. I looked through old pics but didn’t have anything then remembered sun in my eyes since I’ve opened the blinds and wondered ‘what if’ and it worked!
      You are the first to ask — I’ll have to put your name on the bottom of it, with NM, Topcrain Jorney 2007

      • thanks 🙂

  5. Very nice set. I love the sun flare through the blinds, reminds me of a sunny summer evening.

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