August 22, Today’s thought – Let It Rest!

storyteller 003The Storyteller, from New Mexico

Good Morning

Thinketh no evil. 1 Corinthians 13:5

“Let it rest!”

Ah! how many hearts on the brink of anxiety and disquietude, by this simple sentence have been made calm and happy.

Some proceeding has wounded us by its want of tact; let it rest; no one will think of it again.

A harsh or unjust sentence irritates us, let it rest; whosoever may have given vent to it will be pleased to see it forgotten.

A painful scandal is about to estrange us from an old friend; let it rest, and thus preserve our charity and peace of mind.

A suspicious look is on the point of cooling our affection; let it rest; our look of trust will restore confidence.

Fancy! we, who are so careful to remove the briars from our pathway for fear they should wound, yet take pleasure in collecting and piercing our hearts with thorns that meet us in our daily intercourse with one another.
How childish and unreasonable we are!
~~Gold Dust

Ephesians 4:32
And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. KJV

And become useful and helpful and kind to one another, tenderhearted (compassionate, understanding, loving-hearted), forgiving one another [readily and freely], as God in Christ forgave you. Amplified Bible

Be ye kind . . . Today
With my prayers, desiring yours. Leslie

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday — April 1, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Evening clouds

Sacramento Skies are beautiful all year round.
This one  is  from my stash.

Sun flare

From my pillow I see the sun flare  saying  Wake Up


Seven little heads peek from the storyteller’s sarape.
I bought this in New Mexico I am the storyteller in our family and all the littlies gather round,
I love it.

High Angle

This oak tree looms high and the blackbirds sound like a flock of gossipy women.

Low Angle

Stooping low I saw  rosemary blossoms through the dried grasses bordering the library sidewalk.  (I liked the angles of the grass for a double ‘angle’ picture.)

I joined Ashley and other scavenger hunters here at

Come and see what others have found.

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One Thousand Gifts and a Scripture

Adding to my One Thousand gifts:

101.  This cat, Busterford Jones, who moved to Cozy Acres scared and untrusting, has adapted and become the #1 lap cat. I get this look if the computer is in his way.

102. Ideas from a quilt show.

103. I am very thankful for my mom. She is such an example of the Proverbs 31 woman. Thank you.

I am very thankful for my home.

104. This cozy spot where I write, knit, read, eat, doze, hold cats, rock babies, gaze out the door, pray and weep.

105. This is the cozy spot where I create .

106. This is my cozy kitchen most of the time it is neater than this but I love the way the light played in this picture.

107. Here is the Farmer’s cozy spot.

108. And COZY, though it may be, I am thankful for indoor plumbing. Please excuse the camera strap.

I thankful for memories, still, of cruise taken in 2009, with these dear-to-my-heart people.

109. On our way to dinner in New York City.

110. Checking out New York City.

111.  Quebec City

112. A carriage ride in Quebec City.

113. A real gift- to be able to cruise with the Farmer.

114. The trip of our life time ‘from sea to shining sea’ in 2007.

115. A favorite memento from ‘the trip’ – The Story Teller, purchased in New Mexico.

And a Scripture:
. . .   trust . . .  in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; 1Timothy 6:17

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