Saturday Garden Journal – on Monday, June 4

The garden and flowers love the bright sunny days. Today they are loving the rain!

Garden is growing.

Stakes have been pounded in.

Tomatoes babies for next planting.

Sunflowers and zinnias blooming.


Roses are blooming

All theĀ  hydrangeas have blossoms.

Grizz likes to take walks with me.

Two new pots inside, a rex begonia and a African violet’s cousin (I’m still trying to find it’s name)

Sharing with Ginny @ Small Things

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Scavenger Hunt Sunday – June 3

It is Sunday and time to show what you’ve found.

Shining through the Sprinkler (no water attacked the Suburban in the process of taking this picture)


My daughter has really fast thumbs.

What the picnic grounds looked like after all the people left.


It just doesn’t get much more peaceful than this. (from the archives)

Just plain knitting — so relaxing. . .

Not such plain knitting, more challenging.

See other findings at Ashley’s.

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