Saturday, September 8, Garden Update

Gardening is the Farmer’s love.
It shows everywhere you look at Cozy Acres.
Come and walk with me.
Let’s see what’s growing.

From a 6 inch sprig in the spring to real vines in the fall.

Look, there are even grapes on some of the vines!

This is the only raspberry cane that survived, but it looks good.

Boysenberries growing all over the ground and on the trellis

Marion/blackberries growing all over

Corn is through for the year. Everyone said it was the best corn they had ever eaten. More corn will be planted next year, for sure.

Hundreds of Sweet 100’s

Wilt grabbed the cucumbers early, didn’t get much of a crop.

All the squash and some of the watermelon grew here.

Butternut squash and watermelon
A volunteer zinnia found its way to this watermelon patch

Greens in barrelsXitrus trees planted in the spring have doubled + in size. I see little lemons.Plans for a new bed, possibly flowers, probably veggiesAlmost every day, somewhere on Cozy Acres you’ll find the Farmer like this. Sometimes planning and weeding, much of the time praying for those in his heart.

Sharing our garden with Ginny at Small Things

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