Back Home

I’ve been away, first mentally and then physically.

Mentally, because I have a bunch of stuff going on and my brain can only handle just so much at one time.

Physically, because it was my turn to stay in Redding with Grandma Crain and there is no internet access at here house.  I should be thankful there is a phone and a radio.

When you drive in the driveway there is a time warp of about 60 years.  Oh, she does have a microwave and a/c.   It is not all bad!   I receive the gift of uninterrupted hours.  My only responsibilities help her dress and undress, make sure meds and meals are prepared at the proper times and since it was a little cooler, watering only had to be done once.

So I’m back home and glad to be here, but there is just a little regret about leaving the simpler times.


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