December 20, Today’s thought — All That Is Needed

thanksgiving12 - burneyfalls 007Burney Falls, California, Thanksgiving, November 23, 2012

Good Morning

And our hope for you
[our joyful and confident expectation of good for you]
is ever unwavering (assured and unshaken);
for we know that just as you share
and are partners in [our] sufferings and calamities,
you also share and are partners in [our] comfort
(consolation and encouragement).
2Corinthians 1:7 Amplified Bible

Half past Twelve, and little Wendy still hadn’t come home for lunch. I called her friend’s house and asked her mother to please send my daughter home. A few minutes later, Wendy came dragging dejectedly into the kitchen.
“What’s wrong?” I asked. “Why didn’t you come home at noon when you were supposed to?”
“Donna lost her birthday dollar,” Wendy replied.
“Oh, I see. Did you stay longer to help her look for the money?”
“No, Mother, I just stayed to help her cry.”
As I kissed Wendy’s sweet cheek, the word empathy came to mind. More than “sympathy” which is looking down and p;itying, empathy gets down and shares. ~~Rosalyn Hart Finch

Trust God for your day . . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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