January Joy Dare – 19th-31st

Being thankful is a big deal to me.
I am joining many people who will be making a list of the things for which they are thankful. I’ve been listing but not posting.

Gifts that might never have been: Except for the stirring of a recent revival, I would not have gone to a baptismal service and received the gift of (1)being reminded of a life made new, (2)heard testimonies of deliverance from sin and (3)talked with some I didn’t know
Gift seen close up or looked for: dirt in the corners, it’s time to sweep
Gift seen close up or looked for: stitch definition in knitting
Gift seen close up or looked for: when I see a mistake in my knitting I can usually fix it
Gift – sky: the ever changing-ness, always new, always beautiful in all its seasons, yet always there
Gift – water: clean cold water from my kitchen sink
Gift – memory: walking in the Atlantic ocean at Myrtle Beach
Gift – wrinkled: the beautiful face of a dear sister in Christ, a pillar of faith, smiling
Gift – smooth: the brand new face of a two week old new born, no lines of care or sorrow
Gift – unfolded: a receipt totaling our tithe offering to the Lord’s work
Gifts found in Christ: forgiveness, chastisement, help
Gift blue: the warm blue and white comforter, just the right weight
Gift blue: the many shades of blue, I’m not stuck with just one shade
Gift blue: looking forward to the blue hydrangeas of summer
Gift found: the love of knitting
Gift borrowed: Mary’s Ipod
Gift inherited: need to have words spelled correctly
Gift before dawn: I’m still sleeping
Gift at noon: visiting with my daughters
Gift after dark: motion lights that come on to light my path
Gift in the kitchen: cutco knives
Gift in the kitchen: abundance of hot water
Gift in the kitchen: favorite coffee cups
Gift found in friends: laughter, encouragement, understanding
Gift a song heard: He’s More Wonderful, sung by Trish and Cynthia
Gift a soft word: whispered, “Lord, help us.”
Gift light seen: through a testimony of insight of the story of the rich man and Lazarus
Gift of old things seen new: an iron in the hands of a beginning sewer
Gift of old things seen new: a smile on an ‘older’ person’s face finding love again
Gift of old things seen new: an id card lost and found again
Gift on paper: an invitation to a party
Gift in person: generosity –Brother Bob
Gift in a picture: of my dad, bringing memories thought forgotten

Gifts 371-409

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Yarn Along — Socks and a Shawl and Hats


On Wednesday’s knitters go to Ginny’s to share all the wonderful projects being worked on, finished, frogged, cried over, and learned from. They also tell what they are reading and a little of the storyline or provoking thoughts. I think it is great. So many books, knitting ideas and hints on how to make knitting more enjoyable.

sept122012 002Blocking so all the beauty of Noro could be seen
Jan 25 blocking shawl  noro2

Having cold feet, I pull on my favorite wool socks……….with thread bare heels.
I stumbled across a pattern on a blog that looked easy.
I shortened the leg and in three days I had new socks.

socks jan1913 005
I frogged the old socks,
cut out the bare strands
and wound into cakes,
ready to be reknit into my favorite wool socks.
Jan2513 sox yarn cakes

A little hat knit from sock yarn that makes me seem so talented.
Jan2913 kal hat and sox yarn hat 004

A KAL hat with Stitched Together, February 3 is the targeted finish date.
Jan2913 kal hat and sox yarn hat 003

I’ve been listening to Marie Bostwick’s A Single Thread, A Thread of Truth, A Thread So Thin( this is where I am) and Threading the Needle series, a quilt shop, new friends and caring for one another even when they make hard to do so.

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January Joy Dare, 1st-17th

Being thankful is a big deal to me.
I am joining many people who will be making a list of the things for which they are thankful. I’ve been listing but not posting. Hopefully today and the 31st will catch up January.


Gift heard: Christmas carols one more time
Gift heard: ‘I love you’ from the Farmer
Gift heard: bird song in the night
Gift outside: winter roses
Gift inside: a heater
Gift on a plate: ceasar turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce
Gift overheard: the engine of my car starting right up
Gift overheard: lesson on FOCUS
Gift overheard: lesson on whole hearted service
Gift old: songs of praise, I sang as a child
Gift new: start to walk daily
Gift blue: rug on the floor before the door
Gift I’m reading: God’s word chronologically
Gift I’m making”: hats for little friends
Gift I’m seeing: God’s will for me in a new light
Gift in your bag: my keys
Gift in your fridge: Ceasar salad dressing
Gift in your heart: desire for Christ’s compassion for people
Gift from people you love: the Farmer repairing the trailer for our trip
Gift from people you love: Grandson Kyle’s thanks for lunch, gum, used books, and young carrots, “It’s been fun!”
Gift from people you love: Uncle Bob “this is her hand” – but I still lost.
Gift held: my knitting needles
Gift passed by: our trailer being readied for our trip
Gift sat with: the Farmer and Uncle Bob playing ‘May I’
Gift sweet: maple bar with a good cup of coffee
Gift just right: homemade meat loaf
Yellow Gift of fresh mercy: sunshine, warming the cold, like God’s word warms my soul
Yellow Gift of fresh mercy:flower on a new to me coffee cup – reminding me that God promised seasons would follow one another according to His plan
Yellow Gift of fresh mercy: Golden corn eaten in a dinner with in-law family that I didn’t have to cook, although I did dry the dishes
Gift above: Mt Shasta, snow covered raising above the Redding area
Gift below: even pavement beneath my feet
Gift beside: the Farmer walking beside me during many years of marriage
Gift about me for which I am grateful: my ability to knit and sew
Gift about me for which I am grateful: my ability to organize and plan
Gift about me for which I am grateful: I am content
Startling gift from God: Psalms 22:24

For he hath not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted;
neither hath he hid his face from him; but when he cried unto him, he heard.

Startling gift from God: God answers before I call
Startling gift from God:Lamentations 3:22-23

It is of the LORD’S mercies that we are not consumed,
because his compassions fail not.
They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

Gift worn: my ‘muted jazz’ shawl
Gift given away: my time to visit with Velma
Gift shared: Velma’s laughter at a funny picture of herself
Gift bringing laughter: ducks playing on the river
Gift bringing prayer: a burden for a young prodigal girl
Gift bringing quietness: blessed quietness of being home again

Gifts 327-370

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January 28, Today’s thought — One Step at a Time

hat jan2913 002

Good Morning

Thy word is like a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

Arthur Hays Sulzberger was the publisher of the New York Ties during the Second World War. Because of the world conflict, he found it almost impossible to sleep. He was never able to banish worries from his ind until he adopted as his motto these five words–“one step enough for me”–taken from the hymn “Lead Kindly Light.”

God isn’t going to let you see the distant scene either. So you might as well quit looking for it. He promises a lamp unto our feet, not a crystal ball into the future. We do not need to know what will happen tomorrow.

God is leading you.
Leave tomorrow’s problems until tomorrow.
Max Lucado, Traveling Light

Lead Kindly Light

Lead, kindly Light, amid th’encircling gloom, lead Thou me on!
The night is dark, and I am far from home; lead Thou me on!
Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see
The distant scene; one step enough for me.

I was not ever thus, nor prayed that Thou shouldst lead me on;
I loved to choose and see my path; but now lead Thou me on!
I loved the garish day, and, spite of fears,
Pride ruled my will. Remember not past years!

So long Thy power hath blest me, sure it still will lead me on.
O’er moor and fen, o’er crag and torrent, till the night is gone,
And with the morn those angel faces smile, which I
Have loved long since, and lost awhile!

Meantime, along the narrow rugged path, Thyself hast trod,
Lead, Savior, lead me home in childlike faith, home to my God.
To rest forever after earthly strife
In the calm light of everlasting life.

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January 26, Today’s thought — Our Part

may62012  roses 003It is time to prune these roses.

Good Morning

I have fought a good fight,
I have finished my course,
I have kept the faith
2 Timothy 4:7

The best any of us can do in this world is but a fragment.
“The old prophet thought his work had failed because Baalism was not yet entirely destroyed. Then we was told of three other men, who would come after him–tow kins and then another prophet, who each in turn would do his part, when at last the destruction of the great alien ‘idolatry’ would be complete. Elijah’s faithfulness had not failed, but his achievement was only a fragment of the whole work.
We are not responsible for finishing everything we begin. It may be our part only to begin it; the carrying on and finishing of it may be the work of others. They may be those we know or do not know and perhaps others not yet born. We all enter into the work of those who have gone before us, and others who come after us shall in turn enter into our work. Our duty simply is to do well and faithfully our own little part. Why fret over what we cannot do when that which we can do will occupy all our time. What we cannot do is not our responsibility. It belongs to some other worker, waiting even now, perhaps, in some obscure place, who at the right moment will come forth with new zeal and dedicated skill, anointed for his task.”   ~~ J.R. Miller

Work in your place for God. . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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Five Minute Friday – Again


“This is where a brave and beautiful bunch gather every week to find out what comes out when we all spend five minutes writing on the same topic and then sharing ‘em over here.” With Lisa

‘Writing for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking’ but I always check the spelling ( I have blame my mother for that quirk.

Prompt – AGAIN


do over
isn’t that the way of my daily life?

do it again
every day
sometimes at the same time every day.

I sometimes fall into the trap…… again

if only
things that could have been

but reality is here and now

life is what I have today in my hands to use, cherish and carefully handle…… again

new possibilities paired with the same responsibilities…… again

And every priest standeth daily
ministering and offering oftentimes the same sacrifices,
Hebrews 10:11

oct 30  dishes in sink he offered again and again and again and
God was pleased again and again and again.

Please God fill my day again with your help and favor.


Scripture added after stop.

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January 24 – There is Blocking Going On

On Wednesday’s knitters go to Ginny’s to share all the wonderful projects being worked on, finished, frogged, cried over, and learned from. They also tell what they are reading and a little of the storyline or provoking thoughts. I think it is great. So many books, knitting ideas and hints on how to make knitting more enjoyable.

Jan13 blocking shawl  sox yarn pinks

Aren’t they pretty!

Jan13 blocking shawl  sox yarn multi

I think the little girlies who will be receiving these will like them.

A Hug and Thank you to Mary, blocker extraordinaire

January 23, Today’s thought – God Leads Before


Good Morning

He putteth forth his own sheep. John 10:4

This is the Blessed Life—
not anxious to see far in front,
nor careful about the next step,
not eager to choose the path,
nor weighted with the heavy responsibilities of the future,
but quietly following behind the Shepherd, one step at a time.

“God is in every tomorrow,
Therefore I live for today,
Certain of finding at sunrise,
Guidance and strength for the way;
Power for each moment of weakness,
Hope for each moment of pain,
Comfort for every sorrow,
Sunshine and joy after rain.”

Trust in God for your day. . . Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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January 22, Today’s thought – God’s Timing

redding jan2013 001A snow-covered Mount Shasta, as seen from Anderson, CA

God will always give what is right to his people who cry to him night and day, and he will not be slow to answer them.    Luke 18:7 NCV

Why does God wait until the money is gone?
Why does He wait until the sickness had lingered?
Why does He choose to wait until the other side of the grave to answer the prayers for healing?

I don’t know.
I only know His time is always right.
I can only say He will do what is best. . .
Though you hear nothing, He is speaking.
Though you see nothing, He is acting.
With God there are no accidents.
Every incident is intended to bring us closer to Him.
Max Lucado, A Gentle Thunder

Trust God for your day. . . Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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January 16 – Today’s thoughts – Hidden in the Cleft of the Rock

Could it be that the darkest places in our lives are when God puts us in the cleft of the rock and then He passes by to do the work that needs to be done and when we come out of the cleft we see how abundantly above He answered our prayers and worked things together in a way so ‘much higher’ than our thoughts?


Yes, the cleft is a hard place, it is rock. It is dark. It is a dead end place we cannot see what is ahead. It is also a place of shelter. A place of refuge, A place of safety, A place of protection. It is a place by God. It is a place whose foundation is a rock. It is a place where God’s hand supports my leaning weak frame. It is the center of God’s will.

And Moses said unto the LORD, See, thou sayest unto me, Bring up this people: and thou hast not let me know whom thou wilt send with me. Yet thou hast said, I know thee by name, and thou hast also found grace in my sight. Now therefore, I pray thee, if I have found grace in thy sight, shew me now thy way, that I may know thee, that I may find grace in thy sight: and consider that this nation is thy people.
(God)And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest.
(Moses)And he said unto him, If thy presence go not with me, carry us not up hence. For wherein shall it be known here that I and thy people have found grace in thy sight? is it not in that thou goest with us? so shall we be separated, I and thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth.
And the LORD said unto Moses, I will do this thing also that thou hast spoken: for thou hast found grace in my sight, and I know thee by name.
(Moses)And he said, I beseech thee, shew me thy glory.
(God)And he said, I will make all my goodness pass before thee, and I will proclaim the name of the LORD before thee; and will be gracious to whom I will be gracious, and will shew mercy on whom I will shew mercy. And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. And the LORD said, Behold, there is a place by me, and thou shalt stand upon a rock: And it shall come to pass, while my glory passeth by, that I will put thee in a clift of the rock, and will cover thee with my hand while I pass by: And I will take away mine hand, and thou shalt see my back parts: but my face shall not be seen. Exodus 33:12-23

Close To Him
God never would send you the darkness, If He felt you could bear the light;
But you would not cling to His guiding hand If the way were always bright;
And you would not care to walk by faith Could you always walk by sight.

So He sends you the blinding darkness, And the furnace of sevenfold heat;
‘Tis the only way, believe me, To keep you close to His feet;
For ’tis always so easy to wander When our lives are glad and sweet.

Then nestle your hand in your Father’s, And sing, if you can, as you go;
Your song may cheer someone behind you Whose courage is sinking low.

(picture – http://acts2gathering.com/sos-final/rock-cleft )
from the archives, June, 2011 link broken

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January 15, 2013, One Hundred Today

DSC_0047 mom 2013

Today is the day Velma Crain, the Farmer’s mother turned one hundred years old.

I cannot image all the changes she has seen and experienced in the past one hundred years.

I have known Velma for 46 years and can testify that she is consistent. No matter the day or time I have found the same trusting confident faith in her God. I remember very few family get-togethers that she has not sung this song. I call it the theme song for her life.

His Eye is on the Sparrow

Why should I feel discouraged, why should the shadows come,
Why should my heart be lonely, and long for heav’n and home,
When Jesus is my portion? My constant Friend is He:
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free,
For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

“Let not your heart be troubled,” His tender word I hear,
And resting on His goodness, I lose my doubts and fears;
Though by the path He leadeth, but one step I may see;
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free,
For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

Whenever I am tempted, whenever clouds arise,
When songs give place to sighing, when hope within me dies,
I draw the closer to Him, from care He sets me free;
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me;
His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free,
For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

I really have no desire to live to be 100, I, do, have a strong desire to have a testimony of a consistent faithful life before the Lord.

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January 13, Sunday Bible Reading — Psalm 39:1-5

I read this Saturday morning before going to Mother-in-law’s 100th birthday party.

Psalm 39:1-5 

A Psalm of David.
I said, I will take heed to my ways,
that I sin not with my tongue:
I will keep my mouth with a bridle,
while the wicked is before me.
I was dumb with silence,
held my peace, even from good;
and my sorrow was stirred.
My heart was hot within me,
while I was musing the fire burned:
then spake I with my tongue,
LORD, make me to know mine end,
the measure of my days, what it is;
I may know how frail I am.
Behold, thou hast made my days as an handbreadth;
and mine age is as nothing before thee:
every man at his best state is altogether vanity. Selah.


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January 12, Party Day!

99th gradma ad farmer 99th Birthday picture with the Farmer.

Today we are celebrating the 100th Birthday of the Farmer’s Mother, Velma Crain, in Anderson, CA.
Family and friends are gathering to laugh and sing “Happy Birthday” and eat Birthday Cake (after a potluck dinner).
The real birthday is January 15, 1913.
All who know Velma feel very blessed (happy, to be envied) indeed.

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January 11, Today’s thoughts — God Helps the Helpless

sept52012 001A sunrise seen at Cozy Acres, but not today’s.

Good Morning

“Don’t think you’re going to get anything from the Master that way, adrift at sea, keeping all your options open.” James 1:7,8 (The Message)
For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Jamess 1:7-8 (KJV)

We’ve all heard the old saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” While the sentiments behind this whimsical adage are admirable, the saying itself is quite untrue.
Yes, it is true that a person shouldn’t sit around aimlessly all day just expecting God to do this or that for them, while they themselves do nothing. But the adage errs significantly by failing to realize that God in fact does not help those who help themselves; rather, He helps the helpless.
He is the Defender of the defenseless;
He rescues the perishing,
saves those who are falling,
and lifts ups those who have been struck down.
He is a Father to the orphan,
a Friend to sinners,
and the Champion of those who are weak.
Indeed, Paul summed it up — “when we were still helpless, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly” (Romans 5:6).
The problem with “helping yourself” and asking God for a little assistance is that you’re the one still calling the shots — keeping all your options open. Few things are more insulting to God than for a man to come before Him while holding onto other options….just in case the “God thing” doesn’t work out.
Remember Lazarus, the dead man? He had no options whatsoever. Jesus stood before the cold stone which sealed his tomb and ordered it removed, and then called out, “Lazarus, come forth!” And the dead man did so, now fully alive. A significant part of this event is contained in the name Lazarus — it means “without help.” You see? God helps the helpless.
Like Lazarus of old lying cold in his tomb, you and I will never be called into a new and deeper, more vibrant and wondrous walk with Jesus until we realize we truly have no other options but God.
Peter was speaking for all of us that day when he said, “Lord, there is no one else that we can go to! Your words give eternal life” (John 6:68).~~Rylie

Trust in the one who has eternal life. . . Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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January 10, Today’s thought — Don’t Miss God’s Answer

jan13 leg up grizBella was lying so pretty, until I snapped the picture……..a leg up!

Good Morning,

Is any thing too hard for the LORD? Genesis 18:14

The God of surprises strikes again. . .
God dies that for the faithful.
Just when the womb gets too old for babies.
Sarai gets p;regnant.
Just when the failure is too great for grace,
David is pardoned. . .
The lesson?
Three words.
Don’t give up. . .
Is the road long? Don’t stop.
Is the night black? Don’t quit.
God is watching.
For all you know right at this moment. . .
the check is in the mail.
The apology may be in the making.
The job contract may be on the desk.
Don’t quit.
For if you do,
you may miss the answer to your prayers.
Max Lucado, He Still Moves Stones.

Trust God for the answer. . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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