February 4 – Today’s thoughts – It Takes Sorrow

Feb413 buster 002I love my silly cat’s face.

Good Morning

Sorrow is better than laughter:
for by the sadness of the countenance
the heart is made better. Ecclesiastes 7:3

When sorrow comes under the power of Divine grace,
it works out a manifold ministry in our lives
Sorrow reveals unknown depths in the soul,
and unknown capabilities of experience and service…

Sorrow makes us go slower and more considerately,
and introspect our motives and dispositions.
It is sorrow that open up within us
the capacities of the heavenly life,
and it is sorrow that makes us willing to launch our capacities
on a boundless sea of service for God and our fellows.

God never uses anybody to a large degree,
until after He breaks that one all to pieces.
Joseph had more sorrow than all the other sons of Jacob,
and it let him out into a ministry of bread for all nations.
For this reason,
the Holy Spirit said of him.
“Joseph is a fruitful bough. .. by a well,
whose branches run over the wall” (Genesis 49:22).
It takes sorrow to widen the soul.~~The Heavenly Life.

Every person and every nation must take lessons
in God’s school of adversity.
“We can say, ‘Blessed is night, for it reveals to us the stars.’
In the same way we can say,
‘Blessed is sorrow , for it revels God’s comfort.’
The floods washed away home and mill,
all the poor man had in the world.
But as he stood on the scene of his loss,
after the water had subsided.,
broken-hearted and discouraged,
he saw something shining in the bank
which the waters had washed bare.
‘It looks like gold’, he said.
It was gold.
The flood which had beggared him made him rich.
So it is ofttimes in life.”~~H. C. Trumbull

Trust God with the sorrow in you life. . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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