February 26, Today’s thought – No Further

733982_10200543440539440_787300141_nWhat I saw about 4:00pm

Good Morning

Monday I took a day trip with my daughter, Margaret
and her three kidlets to Monterey, CA. They went to
Monterey Bay Aquarium with a home school group.
I was the driver.
I love to drive on road trips, in fact I volunteered.

The ocean restores my soul.
The ocean restores my perspective of life.

I stand on the shore.
I stand gazing at all that is going on around me.
I tremble.
I fret.
I am at my wit’s end.

The ocean as it rolls in with such might and power
reminds me of life’s trials and burdens.
The ocean swells.
The ocean roars.
The ocean screams you have no strength compared to me.

I recognize my weakness.
I tremble.
I fret.
I am at my wit’s end.
I also stand fast.

The ocean rises up and crashes down.
The spray rises up and drenches everything.
The foam mocks.

I still stand and I watch the waves come close rushing.

I watch the wave fall.
I watch the wave quiet.
I watch the wave calm.

I look at my feet.
theĀ  water is gently caressing my toes.


And God said,
“Hitherto shalt thou come,
BUT no further;
and here shall thy proud waves be stayed.” . .Job 38:11

I stole the pictures from Margaret.

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