February 19, Today’s thought – Hidden Places

Feb 18 13 006I live these early white bells in spring.

Good Morning

Out of the south cometh the whirlwind:
and cold out of the north.
By the breath of God frost is given:
and the breadth of the waters is straitened. Job 37:9-10

In the winter, when the world is simplified
the subtler and humbler beauties can appear to us.
White snow and the dull grays and browns of winter vegetation
let anything with a bit of color show up more clearly.
Red holly berries, or rose hops on their dry canes,
or the enduring green of pine trees call us to closer observation.
Even a blue jay stands out.
The simplicity and starkness of a winter scene bring
to our attention creatures we overlook in other seasons.
The beauty of such small and humble things
is an especially important expression of holiness for us,
who are so easily impressed by size and ostentation.
Sometimes we see new things in truly unlooked-for places.
One day I was standing by a hole
in the ice on a small frozen river.
Glancing underneath the ice,
I saw an icicle hanging down toward the water.
It was short and squat, but clear as glass,
with a beautiful and perfect swirling shape.
It had never occurred to me that there was anything
at all on the bottom side of ice sheets. . .
Much of the holiness of winter (and of all the seasons)
is in such hidden places,
where God for a Creator’s own delight
has left a beauty seldom found by human eyes.
David Rensberger~~The Holiness of Winter

LOOK. . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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