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On my mind …

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We have one rooster, 3 bantams, and 22 hens.

These hard working hens give us on average 15 eggs a day.

We enjoy watching the chickens.
Eating fresh eggs is just an added benefit.

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One Thousand Gifts and a Scripture

Tonight I am adding to my list of gifts I’ve been given. Most of these gifts can be found around Cozy Acres. The Mother-in-law, squirrel and red tiger lilies can be found in Redding, CA.

71. A wonderful, happy Mother-in-law
72. The Farmer’s busy, hard-working hands

73. A sunrise74. A moon rise

75. A frisky squirrel

76. Planting of the corn with Grandpa

77. Corn growing -on far left side

78. Corn ending for the year

79. Summer home-grown tomatoes

80. A tomato of perfection

81. Sweaters waiting for new homes

82. My first quilt -1960 or 61

83. Red tiger lilies

84. Passing on sewing skills


85. More Summer bounty


85. Bobo and part of his flock, waiting for Bro Bob

86. Fresh Eggs gathered by the Farmer

87. Finished projects

for Jonathan

for Elizabeth

for McKenna

And a scripture:

 . . . Let us now fear the LORD our God, that giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest.    Jeremiah 5:24b

Cooking once; eat several times

Monday morning, looking into the refrigerator and seeing a package of ground beef and one of chicken breast tenders, I knew I would be cooking today. I like cooking several main dishes one day and being able to eat for several days, like a mini smorgasbord. I checked in the cooler for available veggies: bell peppers, summer squash, zucchini, and fresh eggs.

I began with a egg/veggie/ham casserole for the Farmer’s breakfast.

Looks good, doesn’t it.

The Farmer brought in a butternut squash that had split, so although I hadn’t planned on baking squash, now it was on the list.

Ready for the oven.


The ground beef became meatloaf, most of it filling bell peppers. The part left was baked for sandwiches, one of my favorites.

One can of salmon and a can of mackerel became a salmon loaf using the Farmer’s mother’s recipe.

I baked both the bell peppers and salmon loaf at the same time.

I was adequately fueled by coffee.

Next, I attacked the chicken breasts tenders, Spike, Seasoned salt and flour coated the chicken and fried in olive oil. We’ll have these for dinner tonight, Chicken Alfredo.

Cooking results: which night do you want to come to dinner?

Now I’ll go back to my quilting, thinking to bake oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and chopped walnuts.

Oh, I did clean up my mess!

I’m enjoying playing house in this kitchen. Yes, this is the whole of the kitchen. At the left edge  of the picture is the refrigerator. Not a lot of counter space (understatement) but pleasant and homey.

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