If you send a quilter/knitter to Grandma’s. . .

If you send a quilter/knitter to Grandma’s. . .

she’ll have to take a sewing machine, (she has done this before)

an iron, pressing mat, rotary cutter, scissors a cutting mat
and a project over due that needs to be finished now.

She’ll also take 6 shawls in various stages of completion:
from almost there, finish ripping out the cast off and re-do with enough beads for finishing.

to just one more clue

to just two more clues

to where did I leave off on this one

to so I took this one off the needles to use for another project–now it’s on a lifeline, how do I rescue it.

to I think I’ll start this over
or not maybe just rip it out and use the yarn for ……..

this goes with me, ‘coz I can knit and I don’t have to think much,

(yep, it’s a Longerberger basket)

and a sweater to try to learn how to knit the both sleeves at one time on one long circular needle,

thinking she will get at least 3 shawls finished.

WAIT!! the quilter/knitter will only be at Grandma’s for 5 days, and there are meals to cook and the flower garden to water, and naps to take. . . . . . . . .

Joining Ginny and all the other stay at home knitters this week.

Yarn Stash in the Stash Shed

Have you wondered what’s inside?

Sunday afternoon I started re-organizing the Stash Shed. It was suffering from

pile it-itis

I’ll let you take a peek, understand a lot of moving around had already been going on, I didn’t think of taking before pictures.

On the right I have all my office supply stuff, games, puzzles, etc, next is my pantry food, baking supplies, spices, paper goods and cleaning supplies.  Straight back lower shelf I keep day care stuff car seat, portacrib, extra clothes, diapers, ya’ know.

Upper shelves have quilt kits, assorted fabric boxed according to style ( ’30’s, reproductions, orientals). behind the corner of the cutting table lower shelves and floor I have my yarn.

The top of the cutting table is a flat surface, the rule is you must place STUFF on flat surfaces!

Initially, I was trying to conquer that area. I’m almost done. Gotta put the yarn babies to bed.

Random pictures of yarn.

In the sorting stage.

Disclaimer, my mom sorted her yarn before moving and I got a tub ‘o yarn. So some of these babies are very new to me. Some are long time friends.

I don’t just collect. I also knit.

I must go fondle my yarn and finish my puttering.

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Yarn Along — Wallaby

Posting a couple days late. 🙂

Linking with Small Things to show what I’m doing albeit slowly.

I hear ‘yarn along’ and I think I always take my yarn along.
Most places I go I have some kind of project to work on.
I’ve even knit at stop lights.

This is “The Wonderful Wallaby” by Cottage Creations. I’s like a sweat shirt knit from the bottom up, only seaming is at the  top of the hood and a few stitches under the arms. So easy!  My grandsons love them.  Usually I make the sweater all one color, thought I’d try accents this time.

January 4 – Yarn Along– I pictured a shawl, it’s still on the needles, if I could only get past row 84 with a correct count!

I finished listening to The Forgotten Garden, I enjoyed it and since it is from Audible and on my Itunes list, I will listen to it again. It’s a story that jumps back and forth from 1900-1913 to 2007 a  mystery of a little girl found and kept……..and finding her history.


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One Thousand Gifts and a Scripture

Tonight I am adding to my list of gifts I’ve been given. Most of these gifts can be found around Cozy Acres. The Mother-in-law, squirrel and red tiger lilies can be found in Redding, CA.

71. A wonderful, happy Mother-in-law
72. The Farmer’s busy, hard-working hands

73. A sunrise74. A moon rise

75. A frisky squirrel

76. Planting of the corn with Grandpa

77. Corn growing -on far left side

78. Corn ending for the year

79. Summer home-grown tomatoes

80. A tomato of perfection

81. Sweaters waiting for new homes

82. My first quilt -1960 or 61

83. Red tiger lilies

84. Passing on sewing skills


85. More Summer bounty


85. Bobo and part of his flock, waiting for Bro Bob

86. Fresh Eggs gathered by the Farmer

87. Finished projects

for Jonathan

for Elizabeth

for McKenna

And a scripture:

 . . . Let us now fear the LORD our God, that giveth rain, both the former and the latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest.    Jeremiah 5:24b

Wordless Wednesday – August 3

Wordless Wednesday is here again.
Click to see pictures of Wordlessness.

One little girl models her new sweater.

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Saturday’s Veggie Stand

The weather is hot.

The Garden is producing.

The Farmer is picking.

Shouldn’t you be at the Veggie Stand on Saturday Mornings?

At 7:30 the Farmer loads up the trailer to take all the stuff that makes up a veggie stand to the end of the driveway. He loads veggies, chairs, foot stool, bags, pop-up shade umbrella, tables, eggs, box of quilts, rack to hang sweaters, rope, clothes pins and a weighing scale.

then poof it is all set up! (Apparently no one thought to take pictures while all the work was being done.)

 Quilt’m – Sunflower Designs  offered for sale three quilts and a set of pillowcases.

Sweaters for toddlers and infants knit by the Farmer’s Wife.

The signs are simple, and will be replaced with new ones telling all that the veggies are pesticide free!


So now if you’ve nothing better to do on Saturday Mornings between 8:00-12:00, come over, visit a while and maybe you’ll find something to take home with you.