At home. . . it quilts

So I thought and thought.
the Farmer and I talked and talked.
This is the result . . .

mar21 009

Open the door and
It is a Project Studio aka My Space.

mar21 001

I can quilt, read, pray, eat, play silly games on the ipad….

mar21 002

I can press the fabric flat and cut out block pieces…..

mar21 007

mar21 005

mar21 006
My current project – love the 30’s designs.

If you send a quilter/knitter to Grandma’s. . .

If you send a quilter/knitter to Grandma’s. . .

she’ll have to take a sewing machine, (she has done this before)

an iron, pressing mat, rotary cutter, scissors a cutting mat
and a project over due that needs to be finished now.

She’ll also take 6 shawls in various stages of completion:
from almost there, finish ripping out the cast off and re-do with enough beads for finishing.

to just one more clue

to just two more clues

to where did I leave off on this one

to so I took this one off the needles to use for another project–now it’s on a lifeline, how do I rescue it.

to I think I’ll start this over
or not maybe just rip it out and use the yarn for ……..

this goes with me, ‘coz I can knit and I don’t have to think much,

(yep, it’s a Longerberger basket)

and a sweater to try to learn how to knit the both sleeves at one time on one long circular needle,

thinking she will get at least 3 shawls finished.

WAIT!! the quilter/knitter will only be at Grandma’s for 5 days, and there are meals to cook and the flower garden to water, and naps to take. . . . . . . . .

Joining Ginny and all the other stay at home knitters this week.

Yarn Stash in the Stash Shed

Have you wondered what’s inside?

Sunday afternoon I started re-organizing the Stash Shed. It was suffering from

pile it-itis

I’ll let you take a peek, understand a lot of moving around had already been going on, I didn’t think of taking before pictures.

On the right I have all my office supply stuff, games, puzzles, etc, next is my pantry food, baking supplies, spices, paper goods and cleaning supplies.  Straight back lower shelf I keep day care stuff car seat, portacrib, extra clothes, diapers, ya’ know.

Upper shelves have quilt kits, assorted fabric boxed according to style ( ’30’s, reproductions, orientals). behind the corner of the cutting table lower shelves and floor I have my yarn.

The top of the cutting table is a flat surface, the rule is you must place STUFF on flat surfaces!

Initially, I was trying to conquer that area. I’m almost done. Gotta put the yarn babies to bed.

Random pictures of yarn.

In the sorting stage.

Disclaimer, my mom sorted her yarn before moving and I got a tub ‘o yarn. So some of these babies are very new to me. Some are long time friends.

I don’t just collect. I also knit.

I must go fondle my yarn and finish my puttering.

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One Thousand Gifts — January Joy Dare


January Joy Dare–capturing these gifts and joining Ann Voskamp at A Holy Experience.

“Joy is always a function of gratitude — and gratitude is always a function of perspective. If we are going to change our lives, what we’re going to have to change is the way we see.”

January 15

one thing you wore  —  a scarf/shawl knitted for me by my daughter
one thing you gave away  —   fabric waiting to be made into a quilt, and a
daughter doing just that

one thing you share  —  my love of quilting

January 16

three ways you witnessed happiness

a little girl’s “Thank you, Grannie!”
a grandson’s telling a feat accomplished

a special young lady sharing the doll she’d made all by herself for a younger sister

January 17

one gift that made you laugh  —  a grandson’s  grin

one gift that made you pray  —  a daughter far away and near again
one gift that made you quiet  —  acknowledging God’s all encompassing control of every situation

January 18

three gifts from God’s word

The gift of Salvation
The gift of Hope
The gift of an Unchanging God

January 19

a grace in the kitchen  —   the Farmer cleaning up after juicing
a grace in the weather — warm enough to let the doors be open to blow fresh air through the house
a grace that might never have been  —  a long life being lived after the doctor’s predicted less than a week to live

January 20

three gifts you saw only when you got close up

the beautiful quilting my daughter does on my quilts
dew drops on the poinsettias

color variations in last summer’s zinnias

January 21

one thing in the sky — a full rainbow
one thing in your memory — my daddy’s smile
one thing that’s ugly-beautiful  —  the gnarly oaks many years old

January 22

one grace wrinkled  —  a picture of the Farmer and me one week before we were married
one grace smooth  —  the way my knitting needles feel in my fingers
one grace unfolded —   God’s word, it’s new every morning

Gifts 156-180

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