from New York City to the Ship

This post had such creative dialog and pictures, then………..the computer monster entered the process. Maybe someday we will see the pictures, please just use your imagination as you read.

October 20, 2009, written October 21, 2009, 8:30amEST

View from hotel room window about 8:00EST – Mom’s room

View from Mary, Emily & Mom’s room

Mary, Emily, Mom and I left Elmer in bed at 9am (6amCaliTime) to see the sights.

After some discussion with a longsuffering concierge, Emily and Mary as our fearless guides led us to the subways of New York. Subways are underground and not dark and dank as I had pictured. In some areas it was like mini malls food courts and stores. Other areas were waiting areas for the trains. We bought $8.00 passes that were good for 4 transfers. We used three.

We took the R downtown train to 34th. Walking in New York felt like San Francisco and Chicago, but  not like Birmingham.  We breakfasted at a Café, that was long and narrow; food counters on left side, tables on right. A waiter took our order although we could have ordered at the counter. Everything was available: traditional breakfast, lunch, sandwiched, soups, Chinese dishes, fruit, luscious looking desserts and muffins. We visited Duane Reade, like a rite aide. DR are located often through the city.

When the doors of Gotta Knit opened at 11:00, we were there. On the 5th floor a room about 15×20, full of samples and yarn on the left and rear, on the right portioned off by screens was their office. Not a very large variety of yarns, but high end cost and quality. Emily was the buyer, a skein of hand spun, she make a pair of sox or a scarf as the spirit moves her.

Down to E subway, downtown to W 4th  to Purls a quilt shop.  On ground level, again the store area was very narrow 8 ft wide and 20ft deep, with office/storage behind closed door. Different fabrics than commonly seen in Sac. Emily purchased fabric of a baby quilt (that had been on her list) and princess and the pea fabric for a pillowcase as a souvenir of New York. Mary bought fabric to make a tote bag to remind her of the City. My buy was the store’s own canvas tote, $15.00, The girls didn’t tell their totals, but the main fabric in the princess and the pea collection was $18.00 a yard

Walking on down the street about 4 stores is Purls, a yarn shop about twice as wide and the same depth,  Both shops are owned by the same people. Everyone escaped with no yarn,

By now it is 1:20pm, we were to be back at the hotel by 1:00. Elmer has checked out of the hotel, put luggage in storage, and has had breakfast (about 11:00). He is now waiting very patiently in the lobby for us. I missed judged the time because of the subway rides and the walking to get to where we wanted to go from the subway stations.

We called Elmer, got back on the subway and were back to the hotel about 1:45. As the porter brought out our luggage to load into the taxi, he said to Elmer, “Looks like she brought the whole house!” A Yellow Cab was whistled down, a suv type, five seats for passengers and luggage compartment big enough for everything. By 2:30 we were at the port and saw our ship. I knew the ships were big, but hadn’t realized just how big.

This is what our balcony looked like. We had two rooms side by side with connecting door on the balcony

We checked in with little waiting in lines, got our picture taked and walked up the gang plank. Champagne and orange juice waited for us.

This is what our room looked like.

We got on our way about3:00 and safety drill at 3:30. We learned how to put on our life vests. The vest weren’t flattering to anyone.

We went back to our rooms to put life vests away, get settled in, have coffee (thanks, Mom), and relax on the balcony. We watched the Lady as we left New York Harbor. Mary started singing The Cross is my Stature of Liberty.

Neat Picture of the Lady

Mary and Em went scouting; the rest of us vegged.  By chance we all meet in the Garden Café, a buffet, for supper and watched the sum sink into the ocean.  We split up again,

Elmer and I to sight see and get internet connected, Mom to the library, etc, and M and Em ?????.

I crashed about 9:00, I must have walked two miles in New York and there are many steps down into and up out of the subway.

More firsts:

My first subway ride, on one leg of the trip I knitted.

First time I (we) was honked at crossing the street.

My first Yellow Cab ride, from hotel to boat dock

this one I didn’t watch too closely as he drove.

Now I know about the others after dinner:

( the short version)

Mom went back to her room, took a bath, had a flood in the bathroom, called the plumber, water got cleaned up and read in bed for a while.

Mary and Em picked up their knitting, card games, and water bottles(because the cups are tiny) and went to –

  1. Crystal Atrium, listened to a string quartet
  2. went to get water
  3. back to Atrium  for sleepy music ( their words)
  4. went to Bar City, Constance played piano, then another lady played guitar and sang ballads and played Phase 10
  5. went to the theater and played garbage while the band played, then watched a comedian re-enact the Wizard of Oz
  6. returned to room to shower and bed and read.

Beautiful sunset

That is the end of October 20, 2009.  Good Night…Sleep Well…Love you.

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  1. As they say on a cruise at Disneyland, “Oh wow, oh wow, what an adventure! It all sounds so fun. Can’t wait to see photos. : )

  2. Woo-Hoo!!!! And they’re off! I CAN see it all in my minds eye ~ enjoy my Special Friends!

  3. Even without pictures it was a great read!

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