Improve your Gratitude

Family, Friends, and Visitors , please, click on the “Gratitude” tab on the top of the page. Join us as we develop a thankful heart, discontent and gratitude cannot live in the same heart.

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Being a Contented Isn’t

That is what I have found also. There was a time that I was focused on just one thing, having another child. I had two and my life was full, but I wanted another. I kept telling myself when  ____ happens, I will…
Well, for months, ______ never happened.
One day, the Lord said, “What if  _______ never happens.? Are you going to put your life and the lives of your family on hold for your own way, dream?”
So I began to do things that were on the someday list, being thankful for what I had, doing my best to leave discontent behind.
A few months later, during our 10th anniversary get-a-way God fulfilled my dream. In the fullness of time, Margaret was born.
Not always, have my desires been fulfilled, but always my life is more content when I accept today as today, doing my best to please God today, because today is really all I have,  leaving the tomorrow (the Isn’t) in His hands.

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