“not-written-down” to-do lists

For fun, starting today, make a list of what I did today:
I worked on green washcloth
I worked on Quilter’s Journey 2 quilt, replacing name pieces
I quilted 1 hour on baseball quilt
I cleaned out under the sink in the kitchen-yuck!
It’s noticing little moments of time to see the month.
At the end of the month let’s go to _______ and compare notes.

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What did I do?

As I was reading mom’s list, I was thinking to my self, what have I done this month. It just seams like a big whirl wind. I made a dress, went through finals and graduated college, did a bag of alterations, went to Mexico to help the saints for a week and finished a few dish cloths…I think that is it, deffiniately not everything that was on the ‘not-written-down-to-do’ list…Maybe next month will be better.

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