July 29, Evening tidbit

It matters not what you are thought to be, but what you are.

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Day 2 on the House Hunt

Hi, I’m back with more on the house hunt. I have learned some more things.

I don’t want a condo. It was mentioned a couple times that I look into them. I went to look at a few today and they are just glorified apartments and I don’t want to purchase an apartment. They are ok to rent…but not to buy. Half-plexes might be an option, I saw the outside and would like to see the inside of one that might work. It is on a corner and the two halves are painted different so they look like two different houses. On this one they only shared a wall in the garage, which might work. If I have to share a wall, that is the best option.

Today I saw a house that I really like and am looking into putting in an offer. I’m not sure how this actually works, but we will see. I need some numbers run and some questions answered first. I am keeping it all in God’s hands. There are a lot of variables in today’s market and I need to keep my options open. However I would be just fine with this one.

I will probably be going out next week again to see some more houses and we will see what we can find.

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