Are My Bags Packed Yet

It’s 12:20 pst, I’m supposed to get up in three hours and forty minutes and I still wondering about my packing. Do I have too much?What is too much? Have I forgotten something I really want/need? Will all three suitcases be over the weight limit? How much time will I read? How much time will I knit? I have to sleep sometime. I think I need to start all over with at least two of the suitcases, but will the third one feel left out, like I don’t really care about it or something.
As you can see, I’m much too tired and am probably making way too much about the whole thing. Margaret, will you come and pack for me?
(She has it down to a science.)
I am really excited about this trip. but it’s been along time since Elmer & I traveled with anyone. Will I be too close to the others or too aloof? I hope they understand I’m use to most of my waking hours being by myself . I wish I knew how to take pictures and down load them to the computer myself and I would show you what a mess I’m in, and then you could offer suggestions. But by the time Elmer gets up, I’ll have to be done. So I’m just going to shut my eyes, toss in everything and be done with it. Wish me luck. I’ll write tomorrow from somewhere other than Carmichael.

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  1. You should have called me. I would have come and helped you. Even at 1220am. 🙂


  2. Thanks, if there is a next time. Your number is on speed dial!

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