On My Mind — Family, July 29, 2011

On my mind:  Tonight is Family Night. Once a month all the children and grandchildren (that are able) get together for dinner, games,    birthday and anniversary celebrations, songs, thankfuls and devotions.

Thankfuls means everyone tells us three things they are thankful for, it must be something different from what has already been mentioned. Because of differences, one family wasn’t meeting with the rest for several years, when we united again, one grandson didn’t know how to express the word thankful.  He was told to tell of three things he liked or was happy about. Now you should see him, He can hardly contain himself for the happiness he shows when it is his turn to be thankful.

The Grands

The Children and my Mother and her Tilly and us (top row left).

We feel so blest. We all support each other. We all like each other. We are a family.

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Five Minute Friday — Still

         July 29, 2011

So on Fridays, we take the dare to become Word Artists. To throw editing and proof reading and critically raised eyebrows out the window. We finger paint with our words – in pink and blue and dark purple. In glitter glue and bright green.

Just five minutes. No more. No less.



So many aspects of STILL. . .

Too much busyness, Too much noise

So many times wanting STILLNESS

One place were t here is always stillness and rest

Alone with God, the world forbidden
Alone with God, O blest retreat
Alone with God, and in Him hidden
To hold with Him communion sweet.

Blessed Quietness, Holy Quietness,
Blessed assurance to my soul

Yes, borrowed lines from favorite songs that equal still, He is STILL.


picture by: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cauchy-Visual-Horizon

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