When you don’t get what you want…

“Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”  the Farmer.

Many times over many years our family has heard the Farmer repeat this statement.  And today it was said again.

This spring the Farmer started planning and planting the garden. He started seeds in little pots. He planted many plants on his hands and knees. He put in the drip system lines, so vegetables would be watered and not weeds.

This spring the Farmer was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer, stage 3, 8-9 out of 10 on the Gleason scale.  ” The doctor says I have this thing wrong with me but I don’t feel anything” said the Farmer.  The  Farmer under went a biopsy, CT scans and   a MRI. He  took oral hormones as a first step in treatment. He received a hormone shot as the second step.  Calypso beads were inserted in the prostate gland to be able to line up the radiation correctly. A body form was made to insure being very still during radiation.

Yesterday was picking day, the Farmer got up early to start picking while it was still somewhat cool. He had to stop to make a 10:30,  Dr’s. appointment.  The radiation schedule was set, Monday through Friday at 2:00pm, for 8-9 weeks, starting September 7th.

Yesterday I heard,  ” I’m bummed.” quietly and solidly. He didn’t finish picking the garden.

The Farmer has never voiced discouragement. It didn’t matter what happened, good times, happy times, hard times, loss times, pick up and start again times, thankful times…there was always a sureness that we would make it through.

Has the Farmer lost his faith? NO!    Does He doubt God’s plan? NO!   Is He human?  Oh, Yes!  Is He grieving, yes.  Will He come through this battle with victory and praise, YES!  Not just because He is the Farmer, but because He is God’s Farmer!

Today I heard  as he smiled, “Well, this wasn’t what I wanted to experience,” as he stepped off the deck , walked back out to the garden to finish the picking.

The Farmer plants flowers for me and I love him.

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  1. Beautifully written from the heart. Can almost hear those few words uttered with such depth of emotion. Continued prayers for you both on this journey.

  2. Thanks so much Sis Leslie, for having the courage to share a most vulnerable part of your heart.

    It brought me to tears,..as it should have. You of course know all of the body of Christ, (that knows about Bro Elmer) are praying, and carrying a burden,..even though they may not seem to have the necessary words to express it.

    It is so merciful to know when God is our Father,..our riches are not found in this temporal life. But our inheritance is so much greater than anything we can possibly possess in/of the flesh.

    Once again,..thanks, for the spiritual encouragement found in your “offering.” ♥

  3. Hey Farmer, can we come pick for you on Thurs?

  4. “Lean hard on HIM oh tested soul on him the cares and burdens roll. OUR GOD still lives and HAS CONTROL HE WILL NOT FAIL YOU NOW!!”

  5. I have never heard my father say those words. And it kills me that he’s saying them now. I wanna scream at the world for it’s injustice of it all.


    We are coming tomorrow morning to hang out and pick some garden stuff.

    Much love to both of you.

  6. My mind went back to a verse from the song you posted earlier this week:

    When in affliction, grief and pain, He did not fail me then
    When no one cared, I came to Him, He did not fail me then
    I trusted Him for keeping grace, to walk the path His hand did trace
    And said while looking in His face, He will not fail me now.
    He stilled the storms and calmed my fears,
    Forgave my sins and dried my tears
    He is the same thro’ endless years
    He will not fail me now.

    We can still trust for keeping grace and know that His hands will wipe the tears away.

    I love you both very much!!

  7. I’ve gotten most of my bad experiences when I got what I thought I wanted.

    • (((Clif)))

  8. Most beautiful and most profound. It brought us to tears. You both inspire us, and we send our prayers and our love……

  9. Leslie, Thanks for the update. We are praying for “the Farmer”, and the rest of the family there. I have found in my life, as have you, that God provides exactly what we need exactly at the time we need it.
    Ralph and Rosa

  10. Leslie and The Farmer,

    Thanks for the update. Your faith and trust in God is a wonderful example. We pray God’s blessings and peace for you and your family.


    Sharon and Stan Frame

  11. This is wonderful…a beautiful example of patience, wisdom, faith and perseverance..from you both. I admire your strength and your faith.

    “Today I heard as he smiled, “Well, this wasn’t what I wanted to experience,” as he stepped off the deck , walked back out to the garden to finish the picking.” How I understand that sentiment….

  12. To The best Farmer ever —

    In a small Chi-Town apartment, a garden has been started in your honor (basil, strawberries, cayenne pepper, cilantro, and tomatoes). So far the basil has produced more leaves than I could have hoped for and the cayenne pepper’s baby sprouts are just coming up — still waiting for those strawberries to show signs of life, but it’s just a matter of time.

    You’re such an inspiration!

    I love you both!

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