Today is Shower Day

Showers are not all they’re cracked up to be!!

I meant it feels good after it is all over, yes.

For me, though,  a shower just feels like a necessary evil.

I just can’t stumble into the shower and get it over.

At Cozy Acres,

I have to take the laundry basket out of the shower,

find a place to put it out of the way,

try to stand in a 15×15 inch space,

step over into the tub (my knees don’t like to bend that acutely),

without falling……then

in the shower I hate to have the shower curtain touch me,

but there it is snuggling up nice and close

and did I say the bathroom is never the right temperature

summertime  I can’t dry off

the rest of the time I’m washing goose bumps

water on the body,  soap up,  rinse off

balance carefully while stepping out into that 225 square inch space,

it sounds like a bigger target when I say it that way

Hopefully considering the season, dry off

then use the towel to wipe down the shower and tub

so I can put the laundry basket back where it belongs.

but I am clean ………..

Wash my hair there, oh, no……that takes a walk next door!


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