Yarn Along, May 9, Ready to Block


In checking my finished projects I saw that I didn’t share this shawl after I finished it. Maybe because, the cat climbed in the cubbie and slept on it. So I put it where he couldn’t get to it and I forgot about it  I’m in the season of forgetfulness.

Last week Alpaca Sox Shawl became a finished object! I finally decided no picots and simple edge with beads. I like it.  Now to get both blocked pretty.

Young Holden shawl on size 6 needles was looking small so frogged back and now knitting on 8’s, much better. 139 stitches on the needle, 195 stitches then I get to start the lace work.

I just finished reading ‘Empty House’ by Rosamund Pilcher, all of her’s are favorites.

Join with me to see what’s on other’s needles with Ginny.

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  1. What pretty shawls! I especially like how the Alpaca Sox one came out.

    • Those long color repeats really made this shawl.

  2. Very pretty shawls!

    • Thank you and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Lovely shawls! And I love how you photographed them outside:)

    • Thanks, I wasn’t sure just how the shawls would show.

  4. Oh my goodness, your shawls are just amazing! Just beautiful!
    Have a happy day.

    • thanks for the kind words

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