If I’m Not on the Computer; I’m Knitting

The title of this post tells of a simple life, gazing at others’ beautiful projects on the internet, dreaming I could make them all, some for me – some that would make the receiver swoon; playing games, I just got a new version of Luxor 🙂 and I’m challenging myself to complete once every configuration of Mah Jong, one pile took me over 200 hundred tries!
And then there is knitting, my current group –

Knitting shawlettes for littlies, I need 4,
making 5 so there is a choice.
Three are done, except weaving, latest finished, First Down

I knit until all I had was this much yarn leftover.

Zuni is another of that group, OPPS, see the little yarn mess.
I ran out of yarn. I bought more than called for,
apparently not enough.
So it is either go to Joann’s in Redding, CA
(local stores don’t have it)
or check out the internet.

AND, daycare mom is having a baby girl.
Instead of a quilt this time, I choose to knit an afghan.
This one starts with a garter stitch square,
pick up stitches around the edge and knit, knit, knit
until I chose to add a few rows of purl for interest.
I’m thinking about finding a blue and knitting on a lace border.

I keep running into cowl patterns, this one is knit with Zanderball Crazy, which I love, I had conquer this pattern, September Circle.

Not started but in the queue
(I’ll have to remember that word for scrabble)
is by request another sweater for Tilly, Mom’s doxie mix.
I really like ‘coffee beenz’ and since it is washable makes a good choice for a long low dog.

My listening pleasure – turn on the ipod and let it read from book to book.

Ginny won’t mind if I’m a couple days late joining. Come and see what others are doing. Click here.

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