February Joy Dare – 1st –14th

Being thankful is very important to me. Thankfulness has such rich rewards.

3 gifts red – 1. beets, 2. the soft red yarn of my WIP shawl, my goal to have it finished to wear next winter, 3. red ink, I love writing in red.
3 gifts on paper – 1. receipts for groceries, God’s provision, 2. a journal for thankfuls, 3. knitting patterns, more than I could ever do.
3 gifts found in writing = 1. when I write it clers my thoughts and helps separate the emotion from the problem, it seems to open a window to God almost as if the writing is a prayer and God brings His words to me. 2. poems, 3. wisdom from blogs I read.
3 gifts when bent down = 1. dirt in the corners I can’t see when standing up, 2. the right place to prune the roses, 3. the lifted up arms of a toddler are found. . .
a gift stitched – the blocks of Deanna’s quilt
a gift hammered – the walls and roof of the greenhouse
a gift woven – the cover of my footstool
3 gifts found outside – 1. blue and white violets, 2. tulips poking their noses up out of the pots, 3. pruned roses
gift at 11:30 – family came for lunch
gift at 2:30 – enjoyed new vegan restaurant
gift at 6:30 – getting ready for worship service
gift broken – my heart when I think of prodigal children
gift fixed – bank account, $40. unexpected
gift thrifted – tops no longer favorites
3 gifts surprising – delightful new nursery found, 2. butternut squash soup, delish and simple, I have all the ingredients 3. Blood sugar # after lunch in range
3 times hearing laughter – 1. laughing with friends while talking about our children, 2. during a ‘May I’ game at old jokes, 3. a silly 1 year old while she ate dinner
3 gifts working – 1. our heater, 2. Bro Bob’s washer and drier, 3. my feather weight singer sewing machine
3 hard eucharistoes – 1. retirement different than planned, 2. watching a family member suffer but knowing God knows. 3. facing personal short comings
3 gifts behind a door – 1. my clothes, 2. a room ready for guests, 3. a cool box for veggies
3 ways I feel God’s love – 1. the constantness of seasons, the reliability of God, 2. seeing the moon, I love checking the sky every night, 3. pruning roses to almost nothing, the rebirth of the bush and then roses bloom all summer long

Gifts numbering 452.

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