Day 3 – 30 Day Happiness Challenge

I am grateful for Autumn leaves falling, Panera-yummy brocolli and cheese soup, Trader Joes, Christmas jo-jos, paper bags and re-connecting with a friend.
Memorable moment – Afterover a year of Facebooks friending, messaging and telephone conversations – my friend from long ago, my daughter and I were abel to meet for dinner, laughter, sharing memories and a little quilting business on the side, Quilt’m by Sunflower Designs
Be thankful for someone – Today, my Mom, Frances Topper, is my hero.
A note in her birthday card from my oldest brother said something like “Thank you for all the lessons you taughts us by example. I wish I had paid more attention,” He and I commented: she didn’t know she was teaching and we didn’t know we were learning.
Our Mother was so good at that being a good example. Whether it be
the ‘mom’ thing
a homemaker,
a vow-keeping wife
an everlearning woman
a #1 Grandma
an adjuster who makes the best of her changing circimstances (and makes it look easy)
a person who enjoys life and
one who has a really good forgetter.
Thank you, Mom, much of what I am is only because you provided me with a strong firm foundation on which to grow.
I love you.
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Leslie Crain's photo.
Leslie Crain's photo.

Day 2 – 30 Day Happiness Challenge

I am grateful for audio books, ear buds that fit, my comfy bed, cloudy end-of-fall days and a frost bitten garden-clean up is all that is left to do.
Picture 2. Memorable momemt (?) Finding a washed and dried Kleenex in a zippered pocket instead of the washer and dryer.‪#‎l30dayhappinesschallenge‬ ‪#‎memorablemoments‬

'Memorable moment (?) Finding a washed and dried Kleenex in the zippered pocket instead of in the washer and dryer. 󾌵'
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Day 1 – 30 Day Happiness Challenge


I am grateful for a heater by my chair, quiet times, hot coffee without getting out of my chair, Buster on my lap, and black tights. ‪#‎30dayhappinesschallenge‬

Leslie Crain's photo.
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