Tale of Six Bears

My daughter, Emily, Quilt’m by Sunflower Designs,
asked me help with a Christ project.

This is my tale.


Tale of Six Bears

My name is Alvin.
I sing as good as the chipmunk.
I love to sing and play.
My special talents are keeping secrets and making memories.

My name is Bill.
I’m a hard worker and I enjoy working.
My special talent is seeing what could be and making that dream real.

My name is Curtis.
I am your first love.
I’ll give you your first kiss.
You’ll never forget me.
My special talent is being your LOVE memories’ cornerstone.

My name is ‘Big D’.
I climb the highest towers.
I drive the rockiest roads.
I know all about life’s potholes.
My special talent is proving true the saying
“When life gives you lemons make cold, refreshing lemonade. “.

My name is Everett, steadfast and faithful.
I always want the best for you
I only have eyes for you.
My special talent is keeping my vows for’ever’.
My name is Ferguson.
I am a gentle giant.
I care immensely for those I love,
so don’t touch my people.
My special talent is treating everyone with thoughtfulness and kindness.

Hi, I’m Leslie, Emily’s mom.
I was given your boxes of clothing
to help her with the Christmas projects.

Truthfully making quilts from clothing
is not easy or as much fun as working with new fabric.
And as the project nears completion,
it is not until the quilting is done before we see any beauty.

When you asked Emily to make bears,
she and I had never made a bear.
So it was with a little anxiety I started bear making.

12 of this piece,
24 of that piece,
be sure the Hawaiian swim trunks are in everything.

I f were to start over
there are many things I’d do a little differently,
because now I know what to do to make a more
professional looking bear.

But, we know the owner of the clothing wasn’t perfect either.
Loved, yes, treasured yes, missed – forever.

So I hope you over look the funny bumps and lumps of these bears.

It wasn’t until I put the eyes, nose and mouth on the first bear
that I fell in love.
My heart opened.
and spoke of those I love.

Alvin is my first son, Aaron.
He also sings.
Sometimes like a chipmunk,
often like an angel.
You can trust with your secrets.
As a father of three sons,
he works hard for them to have good memories,

Bill is my father, William Lee, Bill.
He could look at bare land and see a garden,
a junk car and see the restored ’56 Buick Special
He saw my husband’s dream and made it come true.

Curtis is my first love, Curtis Ray Lee.
Third grade kisser running by fast and
caught me on the cheek, laughing all the time.
He gave me the cornerstone memory,
love is full of laughter.

Big D is my other son, Dan
A bright, intelligent boy who could look
at something and figure out how it worked.
April, 2000,at 20 He married a beautiful woman with a 4 year old daughter.
And life sent a pothole 9 months later
when his bride was stricken with a disease
and hasn’t had a pain free day since.
He knows all about lemonade

Everett is my husband, Elmer.
We married in June, 1967 at 25-him and 17-me
Ever word I wrote is true.

Ferguson is my son-in-law Travis
He loves guns just a very little bit less
than he loves my daughter and his children
He is a gentle giant
I wouldn’t want to change a thing about him.

My husband said
“put the names in the pockets”

that is your decision.

but maybe the new owners of the bears might need
just a little bit of hope.

Sharing with Ginny and Yarn Along.
This is why my needles are resting.

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