Day 10 – 30 Day Happiness Challenge

I am grateful

flagAmerica is STILL “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
lunch in the park
storms at night so that the daytime is dry and has that just washed smell
sewan opportunity to dust off my dressmaking skills –
WOOT!! WOOT!! Not as rusty as I thought. (Happy dance whatever that looks like!)
COFFEE – hot and black

Memorable moment –
Yesterday the Farmer pruned the grapevines.
I was remembering when about 45 years ago Brothe Peter Diel
invited the Farmer over for a grapevine pruning lesson.

Thanking someone (thing?)
This must sound a little odd or maybe not.
Facebook Friends
Without this media I would not be as connected with cousins, nieces and nephews,
brothers (through their wives), children and grandchildren, extended family and REAL Friends.
I would think about them and remember old times
but with some – our paths rarely crossed
and with others paths crossed only occasionally.
I love reading about what they are doing and what they are interested in,
and seeing how fast their little ones are growing.
Yes, I admit I spend time checking on my friends –
but you know, now they are checking on me, too!

1st step
OK, everyone sit down!
I have already walked today at 12:30pm.
hillthe last couple minutes had me huffing and a puffing.

Another devotional reading from 3/2010

The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,
to all who call upon Him in truth. Psalm 145:18

It is always possible to be thankful for
what is given rather than to complain about what is not given.
One or the other becomes a habit of life.

Many women have told me that my husband’s advice,
which I once quoted in a book,
has been an eye-opener to them.
He said that a wife, if she is very generous,
may allow that her hauband lives up to perhaps 80% of her expectations.
There is always the other 20% that she would like to change,
and she may chip away at it for the whole of their married life
with out reducing it by very much.
She may, on the other hand, simply decide to enjoy the 80%
and both of them will be happy.
It is a down-to-earth illustration of a principle.

Accept, positively and actively, what is given.
Let thanksgiving be the habit ofyour life.

Such acceptance is not possible without
a deep and abiding belief in the Sovereign love of God.
Either He is in charge, or He is not.
Either He loves us, or He does not.
If He is in charge and loves us,
then whatever is given us is subject to His control
and is meant untimately for our joy.
Elisabeth Elliot