On my Mind – A Finished Project

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On my mind this week, I finished another quilt project! Maybe it should be off my mind now.

I joined a Kaye England quilt group this spring. This quilt is the fourth project in the series. I used a different method of making the flying geese from what the pattern showed;  and in doing the figuring I made 2 geese  to a 6 inch square instead of 3 geese to a four inch square ( my brain did a flip and I didn’t even notice until I was putting the blocks together). My quilt looked very different from all the others. It is bright and colorful using Kaye England’s fabrics and will be just right for a new baby born 4 days before my birthday.

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  1. That is absolutely beautiful!

    And just so you know, I let out an audible gasp when I realized it was hanging on the clothesline NEAR.THE.GARBAGE.CAN.

    Oh MY! What if a bird pooped? What if ::gasp:: it blew and touched the garbage can??

    And then I was like, um, hello, Shari, YOU WASH IT!

    Ah, I amuse myself.

    But anyway, it really IS gorgeous!! You are quite talented.

  2. Love the colors! What a lot of love went into that.

  3. I think yours turned out fabulous!! wish that were hanging out on my umbrella stand!

  4. what a super quilt, love the design and your color choices

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