Finishing Quilt Projects

“Finishing” has been the goal during sewing sessions the past two weeks.

Flannel quilt top using the puzzle block for  Elizabeth was finished in 2010. Last week,  Emily,  of Quilt’m , did the wild large meander quilting. I bound and labeled the quilt and made a pillowcase to match the flannel backing material, a precious moments little girl and goose print.

McKenna’s quilt was started   November, 2010.  Emily quilted it with curves, and petals, and a gentle meander accenting the piecing. Now it is bound and labeled and ready to be mailed.

Elizabeth has a little brother, Jonathan. Their father was raised in Montana, when I saw this fabric with  printed forest scenes, I knew it was what I wanted for Jonathan’s quilt.   The top was finished in November, 2010, the backing was made from leftover print squares.  Emily quilted it with close attention to the patterns in the prints and the quilt block. This week it, too, was bound and labeled. Tonight Elizabeth and Jonathan’s quilts finally made their way home.

I am member of Kaye England’s “bread and Butter” quilt group and I have been working on a log cabin quilt for several weeks. This week I finished the log cabins.I’ll add a 3 inch border around the cabins. Tonight I’ll be putting together the backing, by making two rows of the 5×1 1/2 inch pieces leftover from the cabins.  These two rows will give me the length I need. I’m still trying to decide if I need to do something to add to the wideth. This picture is taken in the guest room at Brother Bob’s.

I already have two projects in the queue, I’m not sure which one to start next. Of course, there are several in my playhouse in various stages of completion.

On my Mind – A Finished Project

This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. To take part, post a photo on your own blog, write a short caption explaining it, and link it back to here from your blog by saying you’re part of “On my mind”.

On my mind this week, I finished another quilt project! Maybe it should be off my mind now.

I joined a Kaye England quilt group this spring. This quilt is the fourth project in the series. I used a different method of making the flying geese from what the pattern showed;  and in doing the figuring I made 2 geese  to a 6 inch square instead of 3 geese to a four inch square ( my brain did a flip and I didn’t even notice until I was putting the blocks together). My quilt looked very different from all the others. It is bright and colorful using Kaye England’s fabrics and will be just right for a new baby born 4 days before my birthday.

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Simple Woman’s Daybook — August 16, 2011


TODAY is  August 16,2011



Outside my window…it’s 10:58pm PDST, I can see a street light.

I am thinking... I really should be in bed.

I am thankful forToday is my birthday, I’m thankful for the long life I have been given, 49 years ago Doctors told me I had a week to live.

From my learning roomsI’ve been pondering a portion of a post from Ann Voskamp on the Lord’s Prayer:

Give us this day our daily bread… I trust that in this day, You’ll give me what is nourishing, what I need. Keep me from chewing at tomorrow’s worry, gnawing at yesterday’s regrets. Today, I will simply collect the manna You’ve given for this day, and know that what You rain down in this day is what is best. My daily bread. Cause me to give thanks and eat what You give.

From the kitchencheck out the picture, fried zucchini, a summer time treat. I don’t know why but I hardly ever make this during the rest of the year.

I am wearinga black cotton knit nightie

I am creatingstill in the process of building a log cabin quilt

I am going...  out to lunch at the Claim Jumper tomorrow

I am readingPlain Promises by Beth Wiseman

I am hopingto finish a quilt (not the log cabin, a different one from the Kaye England quilt group, it just needs binding) for new baby girl by Saturday.

I am hearing... crickets and night noises, (and one pesky fly ugh!)

Around the house...the laundry is washed and folded and put away, sounds a little like bragging, but I’m glad it’s done.

One of my favorite things is to rock little babies, my daycare child’s mom just had a new baby girl, so I’m looking forward to more rocking.

A few plans for the rest of the week: lunch out tomorrow, visit a shut-in on Thursday, make potato salad on Friday for family night on Saturday, Kaye England quilt group on Saturday morning, and a meet the new baby brunch on Saturday. Looks like a full and blessed rest of the week.

Here is picture I am sharing…

Scripture…Promises given 49 years ago.

Psalms 91:14-16  Because he hath set his love upon me, therefore will I deliver him: I will set him on high, because he hath known my name.  He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him. With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.

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On My Mind. . .did you ever build a log cabin?

July 22, this is my first time linking to this blog, the blogist (is that a word, am I the first to make it up?) lives in Australia. It is fun to read about different happenings because of different seasons.

I’ve copied her guidelines, hope I get it right!

On my mind …

This is a Friday photo feature that anyone with a blog can join. It opens the door to us sharing our lives through these photos and gives us all a new way to discover each other, and maybe form new friendships. Your photo should show something at home that you’re thinking about TODAY. If you’re in another country you should join in when you read this, even if it’s still Thursday.
To take part, all you have to do is post a photo on your own blog, write a short caption explaining it, and link it back to here. Please write a new post, don’t link to an older one. When your photo is published, come back and add a comment below, with a link to your blog photo so we can all find you. Please visit all the blogs that appeal to you and leave a comment. Slow down, take the time to cruise around and enjoy your cyber visits.

This year I joined the Kaye England, bread & butter society. Yule Logs is the 5th quilting project. SEE my pile of logs!  1 1/2 inch strips, darks and lights, red and blue chimneys, mostly 1800 reproduction fabrics.

May be on a future “On my mind” I’ll have a finished quilt.
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The Simple Woman’s Daybook –July 19, 2011



TODAY is July 19, 2011


Outside my window…since it is 10:05pm, it’s dark , but there is a big moon, not full, and stars


I am thinking…about a line from Walking through the Valley of Vision, the book of puritan  prayers, “May I view all things in the mirror of eternity”

I am thankful for…The Delta breezes of the Sacramento Valley

From my learning rooms…I’m trying to learn to use my time wiser so I can get done the many things I want to do.

From the kitchen…hash browns with bell peppers and red onions and scrambled eggs from the pullets and bantys for dinner

I am wearing…brown skirt and a brown and beige paisley t-shirt

I am creating…starting the 5th project of the Kaye England’s bread & butter society, it’s a log cabin quilt. I’m mostly using 1800’s fabrics from my stash

I am going…to get blood drawn tomorrow for my check up next week,

I am reading…The Scarlatti Inheritance, an early Robert Ludlum

I am hoping…our veggie stand does really well this year. Tuesdays and Saturdays, it’s my picture today.

I am hearing…the roar of the floor fan and not much else

Around the house…the laundry has piled up-do tomorrow

One of my favorite things…watching ocean waves crash on the rocks, I have a favorite spot at Pacific Grove, CA near Monterrey

A few plans for the rest of the week:the laundry, a little cleaning, some knitting and building log cabin blocks

Here is picture I am sharing…


left–Saturday at the street              right —  Tuesday at church

Scripture to go with what I’m thinking  —  Col 3:1-2 If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook — July 12, 2011

  TODAY is  July 12, 2011
Outside my window…bright sunshiny clear blue skies with a refreshing breeze, tis cooler this week.

I am thinking…about our starting the Farmer’s market this evening, before and after Bible Story Time. and on Saturday mornings.   Lots of zucchini, yellow crooked neck  squash, yellow and green scallop squash and cucumbers are ready for sale.
I am thankful for…the hard working Farmer who is married to me.

From my learning rooms…learning how to adjust to retirement life and a 24-hour husband. Someone said, ‘You marry for better or worse, but not for lunch’. At one time I thought this funny, now….well,  it can be a challenge.

From the kitchen…I’ve gathered ingredients for fresh peach scones with mock devonshire cream,

I am wearing…jean skirt and t-shirt

I am creating…a wall hanging with Kaye England fabrics

I am going…to have to shake off this summer time laziness, in the heat it is so easy just surf the blogs or read a book.

I am reading…Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case by Agatha Christie and Plain Perfect by Beth Wiseman, a Daughters of the Promise, Amish story and listening audio book The Dark Door by Kate Wilhelm. Quite a variety.

I am hoping…my friend and I can visit our friend in Washington.

I am hearing…the Farmer’s tractor working in the garden

Around the house…my desk is drowning in a sea of invoices ad receipts needing to be rescued to the file or the trash can

One of my favorite things…hearing the bird song as I awake

A few plans for the rest of the week: purchasing backing and batting for baby/lap quilt, and attending a special services this weekend, the speaker is coming from Havana, Cuba. She is the Church of God congregation’s  spokeswoman to the Communist government. She is in her 70’s and has held this position for years. Our pastors have visited Havana several times during their Conventions and our congregation has helped with the congregation’s financial needs.

Here is picture I am sharing…

Scripture:   Jeremiah 4:3  For thus saith the LORD to the men of Judah and Jerusalem, Break up your fallow ground, and sow not among thorns.

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The Simple Woman’s Daybook – June 17

TODAY is  June 17, 2011

Outside my window…Bright sunshiny clear blue skies and a garden loving this hot weather, I can almost see growth from one day to the next.

I am thinking…how much writing down specific thoughts helps center me.

I am very thankful for… family and friends, especially when news is received of hard health battle beginning.

From my learning rooms… God is reviewing with me His promises of never failing grace.

From the kitchen…my kitchen has kinda been on strike, just making do with leftovers the past couple days, do today on goes the chef’s hat.  A bucket of fresh picked yellow crooked-necked squash is on the counter ready to be added to the menu.

I am wearing…black tee and cream skirt, barefoot until time to head out shopping.

I am creating…the quilt from last entry is stalled, I need to do (by tomorrow) a small wall hanging for “Bread and Butter” quilt group using pattern and fabric by Kaye England, a favorite quilter and designer.

I am going…to the grocery store, to Rite Aid, and then to make the rest of today

I am reading…the sequel to A Friday Night Knitting Club, Knit Two by Kate Jacobs. I enjoyed the first book this is the second of three in the series.

I am hoping…the weather isn’t too hot today.

I am hearing…birdsong, because the lawn mower was just turned off as Uncle Bob sweeps the sidewalk.

Around the house…not too bad, a little cluttered, and laundry to be done (soap to be gotten when shopping.)

One of my favorite things…eating breakfast out by myself, taking my time with a good book.

A few plans for the rest of the week: quilt club-Saturday, church services and family for lunch (all 20 of us I think)-Sunday; next week the car needs to be serviced, daycare with little Miss A, kinda of normal stuff, I like normal unexciting.

Here is picture I am sharing…

This morning’s picking, yellow crooked-necked squash, thanks to the Giver of increase and the Farmer.

Scripture:   I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. 1Corinthians 3:6

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FLag Quilt Wall Hanging

On January 2 I signed up with a quilt group doing a series of small to medium sized quilts using the fabrics from designer Kaye England. I have many of Kaye England’s books and patterns, I love her stuff. I have even taken a class given by her. She makes quilting fun.

The third Saturday of the month I’m to go to Quilter’s Corner, a local quilt shop, and view, get instructions, purchase the kit and eat a goodie. This 3rd Saturday I was in Redding and a 98 year old birthday girl’s party, so 4th Sunday I was at the shop to get my kit, a flag wall hanging, 13″x19″, in red, cream, and blue.

On January 19, I met with my good friend, Shirley and my Singer Featherweight sewing machine, at her house and we both cut out, pieced, and sandwiched our wall hangings. Now the flags are ready to be quilted next week.

I’m thinking I will quilt in the ditch for the stripes,  a simple cross-hatch in the borders and sew shiny star buttons on the blue piece.

Don’t you wish you could have joined us?

The recipe for the goodies served is for

Peanut Butter and Jelly Bars

3 cups flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 1/2 tsp baking powder, 2 sticks butter softened, 1/2 cup peanut butter crunchy, 2 slightly beten eggs 1 cup grape jam ( or your favorite flavor.

Combine all dry ingredients, cut in the butter and peanut butter until coarse like meal. Mix in eggs and stir well. Press half of the mixture in a greased 9×13 pan, spread all the jelly and crumble the remaining dough over the top. Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.  ( I haven’t tried it)

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