March 1, Today’s thought – Come and See

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Good Morning

Nathanael said to Philip, “Can anything good come from Nazareth?”
Philip answered, “Come and see.”  John 1:46

Nathanael’s question still lingers, even tow thousand years later. . .
Can anything good come out of Nazareth?

Come and see.
Come and see the changed lives:

the alcoholic now dry,
the embittered now joyful,
the shamed now forgiven. . .
marriages rebuilt,
the orphans embraced
the imprisoned inspired . .

Come and see the pierced hand of God
touch the most common heart,
wipe the tear from the wrinkled fance,
and forgive the ugliest sin.
Come and see.

He avoids no seeker.
He ignores no problem.
He fears no search.

Come and see.

Max Lucado ~~A Gentle Thunder

Come . . . Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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