Ten on Tuesday – It’s Green


While wandering from Knitting blog to Knitting blog
I found Carole Knits.
On Tuesday’s Carole hosts ‘Ten on Tuesdays’.
She chooses a topic – we list ten items.

Ten on Tuesday – GREEN

 1.  I received starts of Lenten Roses from the Farmer’s mother.
Every year I look for the greeny-white blossoms, knowing  spring is coming.

Feb 23 023 Lenten rose

 2.  Evergreen trees, firs, cedars, redwoods, remind me of being steadfast in all seasons.

3.  Green is my favorite color, all shades from lime to dark forest.


 5.  A precious memory “Mom, I love green garage doors!”

A special green garage door

 6.  Walking barefoot on the summer green grass

7.  Comfort food, creamy green bean casserole.

8.  Spying the first green spears of spring bulbs poking from the ground.

 9.  Soft green yarn waiting to knitted into a warm shawl.

projects 32012 006

A patient Work-in Progress

10.  Are there still green M&M’s? I love M&M’s.

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March 12, Today’s thought – Man’s Duty

Mar 8 bulbs 007

You are my rock and my fortress;
therefore, for Your name’s sake,
lead me ad guide me.
Psalm 31:5

God made us originally like Himself,
and when the human race
fell into willful disobedience,
we all lost something.

We lost the clear-cut lines of the original image
of God’s character stamped on our spiritual features.
We lost the desire to glorify Him.
God want to restore that original image in our lives. . .

My mother loves antiques.
She was always busy restoring some old chunk of wood—
or so it appeared to us.
But when her work was finished,
the image that had been hidden emerged,
bringing forth admiration and praise.

To fail successfully means to decide
that He must be allowed to complete His restoring work
in our lives for His name’s sake;
To fail to follow,
and to try, try again,
until we find ourselves succeeding means that
in the end,
our lives will give praise and appreciation to Him.

After all,
the whole duty of man
is to bring glory to God.
Jill Briscoe ~~How to Follow the Shepherd

Fail successfully . . Today
With my prayers,  desiring yours,  Leslie

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