The Saga of Alpaca Sox

Once upon a time. . .
Alpaca said, “I want to be a shawl and live with Miss Shirley.”
the Knitter said, “I can help knit.”
Alpaca said, “Have you seen the pattern, Whippoorwill?”
the Knitter said, “No, but I’m a friend of Ravelry;
and I can ask her.”
So the Knitter did.
Whippoorwill was willing to come to the Knitter’s house.
the Knitter made yarn cakes.
,sept 19 2012 001
the Knitter found her needles and began to knit.
Feb6 yarn along 005
A moment of decision: Should beads be added to the grey accents?
the Knitter took very little time to decide.
Off to the bead shop she went.
And found the perfect beads.
Home again, home again. . .
the Knitter changed yarn from rosy to grey
and began to add the 224 beads needed for that row.
Mar 15 whippoorwill 002
Time ticked on. . .
the Knitter tired. . .
put down Alpaca
and went to bed.

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March 16, Today’s thought – Spiritual Treasure Chest

Feb 14 sillyAdvice from Taco Bell

Thy testimonies also are my delight and my counsellors.
Psalm 119:24

How do you feel when you find
that wad of cash you hid
in your sock drawer for safekeeping
and forgot about?
Or when you find the diamond
that dropped out of your engagement ring?
Or when you find the child
who got away from you
in the shopping mall and wandered out of your sight.

You rejoice.

For each is a rich treasure,
and finding it brings joy.
But God’s Word offers so much more.
Unlike any other treasure
it offers peace of mind
to those who love and pursue it.
Unlike any valuable,
the Word of God gives strength, vigor,
and energy to live
without stumbling in weariness or fear.
Open your spiritual treasure chest today
and dig deep.

Peter Wallace, What the Psalmist is Saying to You Today

Digging . . .Today
With my prayers, desiring yours, Leslie

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