Day 9 – 30 Day Happiness Challenge

I am grateful for

end of the season Chysanthemums
(transplanted from Grandma Crain’s garden)
catalogs in the mail
We serve a ‘living God’ subject of last night’s BST lesson
a well-running sewing machine

a waiting fire pit

Memorable moment:
?Again? a score of 5 points after 6 hands of “May I” (a rummy type card game) is blown when I was left with 160 points in my hand at the end of the 7th and final hand of the game.

Thanking someone:
Today Kathy T.
who is nonna to the light of her life
she is a fun game player (“May I? I just need more cards.)
she is a caring loving mom to her children
she is a person who enjoys life
she is a true Christian
and I am blessed to say – my friend.

1st step didn’t happen yesterday.
But LOOK I get another opportunity today.

March, 2010 – a life changing event occurred.
I read this devotion during that unsettling time and gained strength.

He had made everything beautiful in its time.Ecclesiastes 3:11

Sunrise, noon, sunset, midnight.
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
January, May, September,
Winter, spring, summer, autumn.
Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
These are the punctuation marks of time,
and what a marvelous mercy that God divided light from darkness
“and the evening and the morning were the first day”. . .

“For everything its season
and for every activity under heaven its time,” wrote Qpholeth,
the preacher of the book of Ecclestiastes.
For birth, death, planting and uprooting,
killing and healing, pulling down and building up,
weeping and laughing, mourning and dancing,
scattering stones and gathering them,
embracing and refraining, seeking and losing,
keeping and throwing away, tearing and mending.
There are times for silence and speech,
for love and hate, for war and peace.

For the Christian, time is transfigured as we see it
held in love of God, created by and for Jesus Christ,
to whom belongs the primacy over all created things and
who existed before everything and holds everything together.
Elisabeth Elloit


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