Day 11 – 30 Day Happiness Challenge

I am grateful

“O Come All Ye Faithful”
Mrs/ Field’s Chocolate chip walnut nibbles, 13 to the dozen
Clothes on sale
Email coupons
Jan2913 003

Memorable Moment
Referring again to dusted off dressmaking skills,
the sigh of expelled breath when the garment fit – the first time,
(only a little deeper seam at the top of princess seams to smooth the neckline) but all the important parts fit!
Panic moment – when I realized I cut part of the garment one length and the rest shorter.
The client wanted it longer than shown in the picture on the envelope. I had to finish it shorter than planned.
Out come – perfect length.
Thankful to the Master Tailor.

Thanking someone
The cashier at Barnes & Nobel
After looking for my coupon and not finding it,
I made my holiday purchase.
In the car checking my email again, I found the coupon.
I walked back in hesitatingly but feeling it wouldn’t hurt to ask.
Same cashier. I explained I found my coupon
and could an adjustment be made.
And even in Christmas buying rush, she adjusted my total.
Hey $4.oo is $4.00!

1st steps
What’s walking for if you can’t shop along the way.
So my walking was at Sunrise Mall with a couple stops for shopping.
#whatever it takes

One morning I was thinking about meeting God before I started my day. Sometimes I rush into my day and it is much later before I slow down.
I thought how God probably waits every morning
to welcome me as his daughter to prepare me for my day.
What does welcome mean?

W – Waiting with great anticipatiom
E – Excited to know you are coming
L – Long for time to chat and share, tears and strenghts
C – Comforted by your love
O – Overwhelmed with encouragement
M – Mindful of your grace
E – Every morning, new for my receiving and renewing

july 7

Come let us reason together, saith the Lord.
Isaiah 1:18

Oh, the gifts I miss by being busy.
Take time to be welcomed.


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