10 Good Things About Staying Home

After a busy spring of volunteering, meetings, appointments, I’ve mostly stayed home the past two weeks, so 10 good things about staying home.
1. I don’t have to put on my shoes.
2. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bad hair day.
3. I can eat lunch on the deck.
4. I can hear the traffic go by, not be a part of it.
5. I have time for my home to give me a hug.
6. I get projects done, instead of carrying them around my neck.
7. I get to re-acquaint myself with my stuff.
8. I have time to sigh.
9. Moving slowly room to room
10 At my house, Blessed Quietness.

I hope you can have an at-home day.

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  1. What “other” kind of days are there? hee hee….

  2. 1. Sleeping in.
    2. Time to read.
    3. Playing with the kids.
    4. Blogging.
    5. Getting all the laundry done.
    6. Not having to eat in the van.
    7. Actually having time to do the cleaning that gets put off – like dusting.
    8. Long, hot showers.
    9. Having time to go through boxes/closets/the pantry and cleaning them out.
    10. Having time to breathe.


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