Ten on Tuesday – Random Thoughts


On Tuesday’s Carole hosts ‘Ten on Tuesdays’.
She chooses a topic – we list ten items.

Ten on Tuesday – Random Thoughts on your Mind

This should be easy.
I think I am the queen of random.
My brain seems to flit form topic to topic
like a bumblebee,
without the honey to show for all the work.

1.  I am thankful the Farmer fixed my roller ball mouse with his trusty soldering gun and pointy pliers and things.
Mar 18 roller ball

2.  Making plans to go to Oregon on Friday for sister-in-law’s 80th birthday party on Saturday:
when to leave…stop and visit mother-in-law in Redding, CA…
snacks to take…what to pack …is everything clean…
can I fit in a stop at the yarn shop in Ashland. OR . . .
what knitting to take mustn’t run out yarn
(yes, must stop at that yarn shop)…
check and see if there is a yarn shop in Medford, OR?

3.  Oh, yes, the laundry!

4.  Feeling guilty because a quilt is waiting patiently on the ironing board for two borders to sewn on; so it can go to the quilter, my lovely daughter Quilt’m Sunflower Designs, and then to the enormously patient friend in Washington. How I wish I could deliver it in person!

may26 019
(last spring when just started – I just like this happy picture)

5.  What to make for dinner?

6.  It’s time to sweep the floor.

7.  Add paper towels to the shopping list, and a card for above birthday.

8.  Grizz just jumped through the cat door for a visit/nap on top of the ironing board.
Feb 14 13 grizz 001

9.  Just two more to go then I can knit, after I start the laundry.

10.   Click on Carole Knits to see other ‘random thought‘ lists.

P.s. I wrote this on Monday – laundry is done,  I didn’t sweep.

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  1. Your random thoughts sound like my brain pattern. Sometimes I feel like there is a hummingbird loose in there…

    • Hummingbirds are beautiful, it’s okay, little bird.

  2. That darn laundry! I feel like it never gets done.

    • There is no practical way to not make laundry, it is always there dishes.

  3. Nobody can sleep like a cat. Makes me want to take a nap, I just a cup of coffee will have to do!

    • I love to check out their different positions, wishing I were that flexible.

  4. I love your quilt. So cheerful. My laundry is never done, and there are only two of us in the house…kiddo is off at college.

    • Only two of us also, but we still wear clothes

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