My Name is Leslie and I Procrastinate

My sewing area

Jan2813 ds quilt 001

Blocks being made

Jan2813 ds quilt 007

With lots of help

Jan2813 ds quilt 005

Blocks get trimmed to the same size

Jan2813 ds quilt

I had blocks together and half the binding on and procrastinated.
Not now…
Not today….
Yes, today, but didn’t do it….
Later today, ran out of today………….
so when the load of quilt gets heavy enough ……

So in one and half hours border on,
mitered corners stitched,
back seamed and everything pressed.
WHY …OH…WHY…do I procrastinate ?
My friend could have had her quilt a month ago.
Thank you for your patience.

Blocks and border all together

Mar 21 deanna 001

Backing fabric
Mar 21 deanna 004

The quilt is now in the hands of  my favorite quilter, Emily.
Quilt’m by Sunflower Designs

This finished Object isn’t made of yarn, but it IS finished
I’ll hand sew the binding when the quilting is done.
I’m joining with Tami, just for fun!

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  1. The quilt is gorgeous. Sometimes when I have a big project I procastinate too.

    Here’s my FO:

    • It is such a bad habit of mine.

  2. Funny how cats always manage to get in the pictures.

    • Mine love to sleep on the ironing board. Thanks for visiting.

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